Choosatron Source

The Choosatron is a Choose Your Own Adventure® inspired story printer. Wi-Fi connected and fully hackable!

The content below includes everything necessary to setup, play, and write stories for the Choosatron Deluxe Adventure Matrix, including hardware designs, firmware, writing software, and development tools.


Choosatron Kit Asset Files


Choosatron Spark Core Firmware Issues Workflow
Choosatron Photon Firmware


Choosatron Write, a cross-platform Chrome app, and the official setup and writing application for Choosatron. Issues Workflow
Choosatron story source.

Mobile apps

The Choosatron android app.
The Choosatron iOS app.

Development tools

Documentation for the Choosatron firmware/software.
The Choosatron open source umbrella project. Required reading if you wish to contribute code. Issues Workflow
This very site. Totally meta. Issues Workflow

Version control

We use Git for version control, and Github as our central repository for all of our source code. Anyone can view our open source repositories, and with a free Github account, raise issues and contribute to our source code.

Feature requests and bug fixes

We use Github Issues to track issues for each of our open source repositories, and to share our workflow.

Each of the above repositories has a link for issues and a waffle workflow board; feel free to submit feature requests and raise bugs on Github, or star a repository to follow its progress.


We welcome contributions to all of our open source repositories. These contributions come in the form of a Pull Request, where you "fork" our repositories and then request that we "pull" your changes back into our repositories. You must have a Github account to make a contribution.

All contributors must first sign the Monkey with a Mustache Individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA), which is based on the Google CLA, and provides Monkey with a Mustache, LLC and the Choosatron team a license to re-distribute your contributions.

Whenever possible, please follow these guidelines for contributions:

Other resources

To learn about Choosatron's other resources, please visit our resources page, and chat with us in our community.